The Aquarium is a valuable educational tool for discovering, observing and understanding marine environments.

Our primary motivation is to enable all visitors, children or adults, families or groups, to discover and appreciate the great beauty of New Caledonia's marine environments. Our expectation is that each visitor will leave us with an increased awareness of their fragility, and of the need to preserve them.

Public information and awareness-raising is accomplished through:

free touring or in a guided tour of the facility, (with or without audio-guide)

Daily presentations

Special events and exhibits

On special occasions, such as the World Ocean Day, the Aquarium may propose special events; it also presents temporary exhibits, changed regularly.
To be sure not to miss any event, check the "Events schedule" page of the site.

ITMNC: Marine turtles initiative in New Caledonia

The Aquarium enjoys the financial support of the Joint Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research (JIMAR) to help finance its efforts and awareness-raising programmes throughout New Caledonia. ITMNC,Marine turtles initiative in New Caledonia.

School groups, summer camp

The Aquarium hosts visits by school groups and children attending summer camps, and provides educational activities, in order to develop awareness among the very young.