Aquarium des lagons

Nos partenaires

The Aquarium could never have been what it is today without the support of its partners.

The European Union

The European Union has contributed 40% of the financing for the construction of the new Aquarium under the European Development Fund.

Public Institutions

The Aquarium is a public establishment, operated jointly by the Government of New Caledonia, the Government of the Southern Province and the City of Noumea.

IRD (Institute of Research for Development)

IRD contributed research on the ecological effectiveness of the “tabu” areas in Vanuatu.


The project “.Activity and typology of the movements of certain fish species in the Ouano Lagoon (New Caledonia)” was made possible by the support of Project Zonéco.

University of technology

The Aquarium and the Université de Nouvelle Calédonie (UNC) joined forces with the University of Technology (Sydney) for a study of the movements and ontogenic migration of certain species of fish between habitats. It is based on a network of hydrophones set up in Ouano Bay. Carried out in parallell with a similar study on fish of the temperate regions, it should lead to insights into the difference between fish behaviour at different latitudes.