The auditorium


Get in the dream mode...

At the end of your visit, take a comfortable seat in our movie theater, and see some excellent documentaries, some prepared by the Aquarium staff. You will be also invited to test your knowledge of the marine ecosystems of New Caledonia with interactive quizzes. Once the projection screen is rolled up, the Auditorium affords a great view of the main tank.

Enjoy a free movie at the end of your visit. This will enable you to learn more about the species you have just seen live. The film "Corail Nouvelle Calédonie" describes the life history and life cycles of coral colonies, these unusual animals which, for a long time, were thought to be either plants or minerals. Dive with the sea turtles, and discover these emblematic species of New Caledonia, how they live, and how to protect them. The film "Mangrove" will take you on a journey through this semi-aquatic forest environment, and present the creatures who live there.

The Auditorium, and Conference Room, may be hired, for special functions, seminars, lectures, etc.