Fresh water

Cool off in the New Caledonian rivers and lakes !

The fresh water environment is the first stop of your journey through New Caledonia's aquatic universe. Glide along a stream, rest on the shore of a lake, and observe the incredible diversity of the creatures that live in these waters. In one of the rivers of New Caledonia's deep South, you can see yellow-tail carps, and spotted eels, quickly slipping by. See the unusual and graceful fresh water shrimps that live in our creeks at the foot of waterfalls.

Along the stream
There are Several species of carp in this basin, which simulates a river environment.

Carps, whether their tail is yellow, red or black, prefer fairly calm waters.

You may also observe a spotted eel, the most common species of eel in New Caledonia.

The mountain streams
This display is part terrestrial (rain forest environment) and part aquatic where, you will see freshwater shrimp, minnows and black mullets.
The giant freshwater shrimp, scientific name Macrobrachium, is more active by night. During the day, it tends to seek shelter in the shade of the vegetation.

These river shrimps can be seen clustering in great numbers on rock walls by waterfalls. They use their elongated claws to catch organic particles in the water.

In this tank, you will also see a species of fish: the harelip minnow. They have a ventral sucker which they use to attach themselves to large flat pebbles or rocks, and then feed by scraping the algal growth.
The southern rivers
The characteristic blackish rock formations of the Deep South give the streams and small lakes an unusual appearance. The area is rich in "dolines", nearly circular depressions in the land formed by the collapse of the ground, often filled with water, permanently when fed by ground water.

In this basin, you may see members of the glassfish family; they also live in rivers and mangroves. Glassfish live in schools and migrate to fresh water.

Over 100

There are 125 species of fish in the lakes and rivers of New Caledonia, most of them endemic.

This is not a snake

Eels are not snakes, although they look like one: they are fish. They take 10 to 20 years to reach sexual maturity, at which time they migrate to sea. They reproduce in the ocean.

3320 km long

Added together, the rivers and creeks of New Caledonia would span 3320 km. The longest river is the Diahot, in the northern district, which is celebrated in the village of Ouegoa every year.