Our partners


The Aquarium is a public joint venture between the Government of New Caledonia, the Government of the Southern Province and the City of Noumea.


Scientific establishments

ird The "Institut de Recherche pour le Développement" is carrying out joint research with the Aquarium on the effectiveness of the "Tabu" marine reserves in Vanuatu.
unc The "Université de Nouvelle Calédonie" shares with the Aquarium a programme of study of the migration patterns of certain species of fish in the Ouano Lagoon (New Caledonia). This was made possible by the support of "Programme Zonéco".
university of technology sydney The "University of Technology, Sydney" joined forces with the Aquarium to set up an experimental network of hydrophones in Ouano Bay aimed at studying the developmental migrations of certain species of fish from one habitat to another. The project also aims at establishing a comparison with similar studies carried out in temperate latitudes.
noaa The " National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration" of the United States, through the National Fisheries Service of Hawaii, is conducting studies on the movements of marine turtles in the Pacific. The Aquarium is an active participant in the project.
le museum The "Musée National d'Histoire Naturelle" (Paris) has been collaborating with the Aquarium on research into fish parasites.
ifecor The " Initiative Française pour les Récifs Coralliens" (IFRECOR) has asked the Aquarium to carry out a programme of regular monitoring of the coral reefs of New Caledonia.



jimar "Initiative pour les Tortues Marines de Nouvelle Calédonie" is the name given to a country-wide programme of public awareness-raising concerning marine turtles. It enjoys the financial support of the Joint Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research (JIMAR) of the University of Hawaii.
opt The "Office de la Poste et des Télécommunications" (the Postal Service) has made a number of webcams available to the Aquarium. OPT and the Aquarium are currently collaborating on the preparation of a public exhibition.
quick QUICK is a fast-food outlet. They advertise our special events and offer their customers reduced-rate tickets to the Aquarium.

La Maison du Lagon
This is an association of 25 providers of nautical leisure activities (sailing charters, diving, jet-ski, boat rentals, taxi-boats, game fishing, kite-surf, etc.).

Clubs and associations

logoCIE The "Centre d'Initiation à l'Environment" (CIE) is a non-profit association founded in 1996 by the three Provinces of New Caledonia together with a number of local associations concerned with the protection of the environment. Its mission is to raise public awareness of environmentally important issues through education.
logo bwara The "Association Bwärä Tortues Marines", based in Bourail, is concerned with the protection of marine turtles. Its activities include :
  • acting as night-watchmen for two local beaches during the egg-laying and the hatching seasons
  • placing, and maintaining, wire cages over identified nests to keep dogs and people away from the eggs
  • revegetation of the foreshore at turtle nesting sites, and establishment of tree nurseries along the foreshore,
  • carrying out scientific observations relating to turtle reproduction (tally of laying turtles, of births, records of physical measurements, tagging of animals, etc.)
Thanks to the work of this relatively new association (2006), about a hundred nests are protected today, and about 30 loggerhead turtles are tagged each laying season. Bwärä association thus contributes significantly to the Aquarium's own programme of monitoring the movements of these turtles through the Pacific.
logo-wwf The World Wildlife Fund launched an "Operation Turtles" in 2006-2007, which included :
  • upgrading of local knowledge and skills (provincial environment departments, environment protection associations) through a course of training given by Dr Colin Limpus of Australia
  • aerial mapping of all turtle hatching sites in New Caledonia (including in the Loyalty Islands). Over 70 hatching sites were identified
  • field visits to these sites for tagging and genetic sample collecting
  • devising and producing awareness-raising material (films, T-shirts, objects)
In a joint project with the Aquarium, WWF produced a documentary on marine turtles (2009). Similarly, the Aquarium contributed to a WWF project on coral spawning by collecting coral larvae from which new colonies were raised
logAssnc The "Association pour la Sauvegarde de la Nature Calédonienne" (ASNNC)was the first entity to implement actions for the protection of marine turtles in New Caledonia (1989). The association carries out :
  • missions of protection and observation of loggerhead turtles in Bourail (since 2004), together with Association Bwärä
  • information and awareness raising campaigns

Through the work of this association, over 4000 turtles have been tagged to date

PALA DALIK : l'écho du récif est une association à vocation environnementale affiliée à la FFESSM (Fédération Française des Etudes et Sports Sous-Marins) créée en février 2011. Ses objectifs sont d'une part le suivi de l'état de santé de récifs sentinelles situés tout autour de la Grande Terre et dans les îles Loyautés et d'autre part la diffusion de ces résultats au grand public.

Les récifs visités font partie du Réseau d'Observation des Récifs Coralliens de Nouvelle-Calédonie (RORC), composé de 24 stations sur l'ensemble des 3 provinces. Le RORC a été initié et financé par l'IFRECOR (Initiative Française pour les Récifs Coralliens), en partenariat avec l'Aquarium des Lagons et l'Université de Nouvelle-Calédonie.